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Frequently Asked Questions

What's this all about?

This may or may not be a chronicle of two space pirate ladies as they travel the galaxy with their robot monkey in a quest for Russian and Amazon loot.

Are you actually a sentient A.I.?

Funny story, my current top three most commonly used words in Google Docs on my phone are: Leftovers, Spaghetti, ALMOST. I feel like that describes me perfectly.

What does M.H.I.P. stand for?

Mobile hard drive inhabiting a primate actually

Why does the lettering get SO GOOD starting with comic #4?

Because the comic genius that is my friend Jessi Sheron stepped in and took charge like a boss. And now we have the freshest letters.

Want access to WHAT ARE CERTAINLY NOT a pirate S.H.I.P.'s comm logs?