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Hello! And welcome to the mutiny, we’re glad to have ya! Unless you’re a Federatsiya spy, in which case… well you’ll be converted shortly.

Thank you so much for supporting this here little project of mine.

Cap n' Sable is an episodic comic about two badass pirate chicks *ahem* a couple of upstanding, classy ladies who would never dream of illegally flying a spaceship through Federatsiya-controlled space…

But if they were pirates, they’d travel around with their robot monkey, M.H.I.P., the mobile version of their ship’s AI system, stealing from the rich and selling it back to the poor and just generally disrupting the peace. In this newly-imagined future, Russia won the space race after teaming up with China and convincing the west that they should focus all their efforts on terrorism while those two countries grew and expanded their space program and started building outposts and colonies throughout the galaxy.

Once the Russian government and military were satisfied, they turned coat and took over, replacing the whole shebang with a new Czarist regime and declaring that it would be illegal for women to fly spaceships as part of their new universal order.

Luckily, our two intrepid heroes don’t follow orders, or laws or rules. And having grown up in a mech shop, learning all the ins and outs of spaceship mechanics they figured what better way to stick one in the eye of the “Man” than to takeover a spaceship of their own and, already being outlaws, continue on in their miscreant ways by becoming space pirates. Er, upstanding ladies.

New comics posted each week!

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Thanks for reading! Catch ya in the ‘skirts!

Jessica “Jem G” Emerson

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